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Qommerce™ is pre-programmed to operate worldwide. By adjusting minimal settings in the dashboard, the PSP or merchant can turn zones and currencies off or on as desired, with zero downtime.

Paytori currently offers over 150 currencies (including several major cryptocurrencies) and is set up to process in over 100 countries. The platform allows for the use of major or alternative credit cards, direct debit, checks by photograph, Bitcoin, PayPal, ACH, EFT, wire transfer and more.


Consumers demand sheer simplicity.

Today’s online shopper has a list of preferences, and that list grows with each experience. When buying online, express checkout is now a must. Bugs are not well-tolerated. Downtime, however short, often means a customer is lost for good. Offer shoppers the best possible experience and your merchants will see increased success.

The Qommerce™ platform provides a fast, seamless way to pay.

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Paytori is powering payments across the globe. Through relationships with hundreds of financial institutions and decades of experiences in fraud prevention. Paytori is capable of delivering solutions on a large scale for enterprise.

If versatility, reliability, cost effectiveness and speed are important to your customers then Paytori's exclusive white label Qommerce Technology is the solution for your PSP network.

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